Light is of essence in a photo and it makes a big difference at what time you make a photo. In this post a quick example during a sunset facing Philadelphia. 

I recently bought a GorillaPod 5K for an upcoming trip and wanted to test it out. Since the Ben Franklin Bridge is next door, it was a perfect opportunity to test the new tripod and show the difference the time of day can have on a photo.

Below you will see three photos I took in a course of only an hour and every photo has a different feel to it. Personally, I prefer the time the sun just set, but there’s still enough light. Both the light of the sky is visible as well as the artificial lights of the buildings. (Another example you can find here.) 

Photos are shot on a Canon 5dmkIII using the Canon 24-70mm F2.8 LII lens. 

Photo taken at 5:08pm (24-70mm@24mm F11, 1/15sec, ISO50)
Photo taken at 5:57pm (24-70mm@35mm F11, 2sec, ISO200)
Photo taken at 6:11pm (24-70mm@26mm F11, 4sec, ISO200)